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East Rutherford High School June 11th

Saturday June 11th

11:00 Next Level vs. Carolina Blues ——————————————3rd Grade

12:15 Xtreme Heat  vs. Next Level  —————————————-6th Grade

1:30 Next Level vs. Team Heat ————————————-3rd Grade

2:45 Team Heat (5) vs. Team Heat (4) ———————————- 4/5 Grade

Gym Addresses

Callison Rec Center/Cool Springs

217 Clay Street, Forest City NC 28043

East Rutherford High

331 East High Road, Bostic, NC

Callison Rec Center June 10-12

Friday June 10th

6:00 Team Heat vs. Xtreme Heat ————————- 6th Grade

7:15 Team Heat vs. Carolina Ballers ————————HSG

8:30 Team Heat vs. Carolina Ballers ————————6th Grade

Saturday June 11th

9:00 Carolina Ballers vs. Xtreme Heat—————————- 6th Grade

10:15 Carolina Flight vs. Carolina Express ———————-7th Grade

11:30 Charlotte Tigers vs. Team Heat ——————————-4th Grade

12:45 Sharp Shooters vs. Carolina Lakers—————————7th Grade

2:00 Team Heat vs. Redemption Warriors —————————HSG

3:15 Carolina blues vs. Charlotte Tigers —————————— 4th Grade

4:30 Next Level vs. Team Heat —————————————————-6th Grade

5:45 Carolina blues vs. Xtreme Heat ——————————————-4th Grade

7:00 #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed —————————————————————HSB

8:15 #2 Seed vs. #5 Seed ————————————————————- 4th Grade

Sunday June 12th

9:00 #1 Seed vs. Winner #2-#5 seed —————————— 4th Grade

10:15 #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed —————————————-HSG

11:30 #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed —————————————— 7th Grade

12:45 #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed ———————————————6th Grade




Gym Addresses

Callison Rec Center/Cool Springs

217 Clay Street, Forest City NC 28043

East Rutherford High

331 East High Road, Bostic, NC

Cool Springs Gym June 10-12

Friday June 10th

6pm Team Heat vs Xtreme Heat ————————————-4th Grade

7:15 Team Heat vs. Xtreme Heat ————————————5th Grade

8:30 Team Heat vs. Spartanburg Hawks ——————- HSB

Saturday June 11th

9am Redemption Warriors vs. Xtreme Heat——— HSG

10:15 Team Heat vs. CBC —————————————-HSB

11:30 Xtreme Heat vs. Carolina Ballers —————-HSB

12:45 CBC vs. Spartanburg Hawks ————————-HSB

2:00 Xtreme Heat 6th vs. Team Heat 5th ——————- 5/6 Grade

3:15 Sharp Shooters vs. Carolina Flight ————————7th

4:30 Carolina Express vs. Carolina Lakers ———————-7th

5:45 Team Heat vs. Xtreme Heat —————————————-HSG

7:00 Redemption Warriors vs. Carolina Ballers —————-HSG


Sunday June 12th

9:00 #3 Seed vs. #4 Seed ———————————————— 4th Grade

10:15 #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed —————————————————-HSG

11:30 #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed ——————————————- 7th Grade

12:45 #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed ——————————————————6th Grade



Gym Addresses

Callison Rec Center/Cool Springs

217 Clay Street, Forest City NC 28043

East Rutherford High

331 East High Road, Bostic, NC

LJ PEAK Big Shots Top Performer


LJ Peak 6’4 G 2014 (Team Heat(NC) / Gaffney HS / Gaffney, SC)
Top of the Peak. Considered by many to be the #1 freshman in the state of South Carolina, Peak did not disappoint in earning Big Shots South Carolina 15U MVP honors.  The versatile, high level 2014 prospect has the size, length, and athleticism of 3 man but the handle, court vision, and stroke of a guard.  He has the rare ability that the best carry to make tough plays look easy.  Although talented and highly regarded, Peak doesn’t take off any plays, playing at high intensity each position on both ends.  That makes the ‘good ones’ - ‘great ones’. Averaged 15 ppg., 7 rpg. as a freshman during his high school season. LJ Peak is a nation’s top 25 prospect in the 2014 class.


(Pictured Here)

Ishmael Smith (Wake Forest University/Houston Rockets)

David Weaver (Wake Forest University/Overseas Pro league)

Giorgio Lowrance (North Carolina A&T)

Sidney Rice (South Carolina/Minnesota Vikings)

Domnique Quarles (Western Carolina University)

Julius Wilkerson (South Carolina State)

Julius Powell (Clemson University)


(Group Picture: Brandon Spikes (Florida), Ish Smith (wake forest) Omar Carter (App State), Stoney Polite (Mars Hill)

Pictured Here:

Brandon Spikes (University Of Florida/New England Patriots)

LD Williams (Wake Forest University/NBA D-League)

Omar Carter (Appalachain State)

Stoney Polite (Mars Hill)

AZ Reid (High Point/Overseas Professional League)

Josh Briscoe (Tennessee)

Freshmen LJ Peak and Shaquille Davidson played a huge roll in keeping the Top Ranked Indians undefeated at Dorman’s Christmas Tournament.  Davidson took on and handled the task of covering Irmo’s best and hot player as well as hitting an key floater in the final minutes of the game.

While L.J. Peak beat the buzzer not once, but twice in Gaffney’s thrilling come from behind win over Irmo, 85-84 in Overtime. The Indians trailed by 9 with 5 minutes to go in the game and by 5 with 5 seconds left in the contest. 

                                 (Peaks Game Tying Shot Pictured Below)

                                   LJ Game Winner




LJ Peak 6’5 Prospect (2014)


6’5 Freshman Daryl (LJ) Peak is already a name that’s on division 1 coaches target list.  Several D1 programs have already shown an interests in this elite player.  Peak is in his first year of High School but is in his 2nd year as a starter on the Gaffney Indians Varsity Basketball team (South Carolina’s #1 team).  He was a huge part of the Indians road to the State Championship as an 8th grader and is looking to repeat that feat as a 9th grader.  So far this season he’s averaging a Double Double as his team remains undefeated.

Peak has that rare ability to dominate in the post but can also step out and do the same from the perimeter.  This past summer he went up against players that are considered the best in the class of 2014 and consistently dominated.  His potential has no cap as he continues to expand his game.

           LJ Peak’s Name Has Appeared on the ESPNU 100 Class Of 2014 Watch List




Travis Waldroup 6’6 Prospect (2014)

6 foot 6 Freshman Travis Waldroup is one of the elite players in NC for the class of 2014 as well as a prolific scorer.  As the leader of a young Thomas Jefferson Academy High School team Waldroup leads the way averaging an amazing 32 points per contest (scoring a school record 44 points in only his 6th High School game)!  At 6’6 he is able to play a big role in the paint but is also a great ball handler and one of the best long range shooters you will ever come across!

Travis Waldroup was one of the Heat members invited to the Fab Freshman Elite and will be a name to be remembered.




Follow Travis Waldroup Through His High School Season at:

Shaquille Davidson (2014 PG Prospect)


Shaquille Davidson is a freshman point guard on the #1 team and defending South Carolina State Champion Gaffney Indians!  Shaquille has been an important piece too the Heat program for about 4 years now.  We view him as the engine to our machine.  He will be a name to remember for years to come as we expect him to garner plenty of interest from D1 programs.  This is a solid, strong, and amazing athletic point guard that always rises to the occasion and can hold his own with anyone you put in front of him. He has a rondo like control and effect over the entire game with his ball control, passing, defense, and rebounding ability which is a rare combination for Point Guard.

Shaquille is currently looking to help his Top ranked High School team defend their title as State Champions.


Raphael Montgomery 6’3 Prospect (G/F 2014)


Raphael Montgomery was a new addition to the North Carolina Team Heat organization this past season.  He proved to be a huge piece in the success of our season. He is a strong point forward that is a bruiser in the post and has a sweet touch from mid range.  Montgomery is a freshman at Mooresville High school and is already taken on a leadership role amongst his teammates.

With Montgomery’s size, strength, and versatility we expect him to thoroughly impress any scouts that watch him play.  This is geared to be a breakout year for Montgomery with him and his Heat teammates playing on the elite circuit this summer.



Follow Raphael through his High School season at:

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